Gabriela is an independent engineer, visual and product designer living in San Francisco.  Formerly engineering at Thoughtworks, she's now building new products with small startups and businesses.


Professional Experience


As a software engineer and consultant I built web applications, internal tools, & frameworks for various clients and products including: A coupon mobile-first web application, User Experience Management Tool,  Patient portal and collaborated in execution of site wide style guides and user interface elements libraries to increase efficiency on both design and engineering teams.

Financial Startup

Technology Used: HTML, SASS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Git


A coupon mobile-first web application

Built an mobile first app for a financial startup in a crunch time.  I built the core interactions of the coupon platform and the interactive landing page to our designer specs.  
As well as building the product, I was on the ground pairing with designers to facilitate and speed the process, creating rapid HTM/CSS/JS prototypes and suggested overlook design implementations.  


Technology Used: AngularJS, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Protractor, Jasmine, Grunt, Java, Spring, Jersey, MyBatis, JUnit, Mockito, SVN. 

Internal application to produce A/B testing

Before building this application, the overall process to produce A/B test was mainly based on manual processes through email and excel sheets.  
The new application,  provided personalization capabilities in order to enable business teams to execute a higher volume of personalization events such as testing and validation of UI opportunities and production-ready customer attributes to business teams.  As part of the package, we delivered a number of platform enhancements in order to allow a hands-off experience, where all personalization capabilities were activated and provided to the end users in real time.  
As well as building the product, I was on the ground co-leading the usability testing with our users, learning more about their needs to produce A/B tests & challenges.
  • Business users are now self-sufficient in executing personalization events.  
  • Reduce errors associated with hand-crafted personalization events coordinated across several teams
  • Reduced A/B test inaccuracy due to legacy reliance on cookies 
  • Facilitated the production of more efficient and faster user interfaces  


Technology Used: HTML, SASS, Javascript, Angular.js, Jasmine, Grunt, Git.


Patient Portal

Worked with a team to build a responsive suite of single page apps for the patient portal and an application to schedule appointments of a major health care provider.  Contributed and collaborate to design and developed a "Living Styleguide" for the apps.  

Recent Work

I specialize in helping small startups build new products, drawing from the industry experience I gained during my time at Thougtworks. Typically, I sit between design and front-end engineering to build beautiful, interactive experiences.

The Center on Race, Poverty & The Environment

Brand Identity, web design and development, content management for a Non-Profit ( HTML/CSS, PHP, Wordpress, Photoshop)

See Website


website for a small businesses owners

CSS and custom Squarespace template, Illustrator, Photoshop

Custom NEwsletter Design


Personal Projects

As a creative maker, I strive to always be tinkering with new tools to create, build and design visual ways of communication. Over the past few months, I've focused on discovering my process, and finding ways to execute on increasingly larger visions. Here are a few I'm working on.


Technology Used: HTML/CSS, Javascript

Wordpress Templates

Technology Used: HTML/CSS, PHP, Photoshop



A todo app using pure Javascript to teach students an intro class of front-end development.  I also recorded a video which I am planning to release to YouTube teaching the development process.


Technology Used: Photoshop, InDesign


GIF video

Technology Used: Photoshop